Jun 1, 2010

Moose in The Mist

My father used to take me with him on hunting trips. I was only four or five years old and he never ever killed anything when I was with him, but we used to call them hunting trips anyway. One early morning we came to the edge of a clearing where there was a large swampy area. The mist was rising off the water and there was a moose standing a little ways from us just looking at us. We were very quiet and he stood there for a long time just looking and eating grassy things from the water. There was water dripping off his chin. I have tried a few times to paint the picture that's in my head but I have never gotten it right. Not to please me anyway. This is one of my better attempts, I really think I will get it just right one of these days because I can see it so clear in my mind.

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