Jun 1, 2010



Isn't it too bad that life is understood backward but that it has to be lived forward. We go through our whole lives not living the life we truly desire, as a result we live to regret not taking more chances to be ourselves. And someday,
when it's too late, we realize that our greatest obstacle was our own nature and the limitations we put on ourselves. Why do we do that I wonder. I can't believe it's just laziness, not for all of us.I do know this one thing for sure it's something I live by (a code I think they call it), and it's a very good starting point. Never, ever allow yourself to say “I can't do that”. Overcome the habit of saying those words by saying instead “if it is possible for others to do it then it is possible for me to do it.”
You know, just as water takes the shape of the pipe it flows through, your life takes the shape you give it as it flows thought your thoughts. Like someone said to me years ago, join the G.O.Y.A. Society.
Oh I imagine you all know what the G.O.Y. A. Society is, but just in case, it's the Get Off Your Ass Society.


Justin Dancing Hawk said...

This is wonderful Lorraine ! You've inspired me & I think I'll set one of these pages up ! I like that G.O.Y.A. Society ! Sign me up ! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good observation. How old were you when you came to this conclusion? I love the painting, "in the mist" on Paintings I Love. Alan Cayton

Lorraine said...

I was a kid, I've always been very outspoken. Open mouth insert foot some people call it but I sort of can't help saying what I think. I do try not to be too rude though (lol)