Sep 18, 2008

At the Beach, Sandcherry bush,


These three are the first watercolor/acrylic paintings I ever did. Quite a few years ago now. They were done on watercolor paper. At the time I was very pleased with the way the sky turned in the little one with the boat, the other first is this little shorebird same thing watercolour/acrylic on paper. Then I did this little boat on the river scene I called Sand Cherry Bush I'm not sure which one came first very amateurish I know but I'm glad I kept them. I plan to rework the little Sand Cherry painting


Sussana said...

I love your paintings. I think they are wonderful especially those lovely blue flowers in the Delft pottery. It's so bright and cheery. I like the others too especially the bridge in the mist. I'll be back to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Your little boat sitting on the sandy red sand looks like something you would see on PEI - I I love it and I keep waiting for the wave to crash against the shoreline. Your total page is magnificent.
Have a nice day.

Leza J.

Candie said...

Good post.