Feb 17, 2012

Little Molly

This is our sweet new kitty Molly.  She’s over a year old now.  She has large pointed ears and a wide face I think there is some Maine Coon in her because of her beautiful fur.  She has the personality of a 6 lb. Tornado and everything is a toy.  I painted the background in black first then painted Molly on the feather and I didn't like the way the black photographed so I touched it up with some rusty brown.  I find it hard to paint the background around the image.  I am quite satisfied with the outcome altogether though.  It's acrylics on 8.5 x 6.5 watercolour paper.   We got her from the SPCA we only paid $40. for her and she was fully loaded and ready to go.     She is a sweetie pie.

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